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Didi the dragonfly is at her wit’s end—she needs Monica-Claire’s help. Their mischievous friend, No-Tail the squirrel, has a play to perform in exactly one hour and he’s nowhere to be found! It’s wintertime in St. Boniface, and No-Tail’s not one to resist a good time . . . Could he be at the Festival du Voyageur?

Discover the surprises that await Monica-Claire, Didi, and their friends at this wonderful Manitoban winter celebration, and join them as they search the neighbourhood for their furry friend. Will they manage to find No-Tail before showtime?

This tale of French-Canadian joie de vivre, the second entry in the Monica-Claire series, is an imaginative story that pays homage to the largest winter festival in Western Canada and the legendary voyageur era.

Monica-Claire at the Festival du Voyageur

  • Text: Ginette Fournier

    Illustrations: Chantal Piché

  • Children’s literature, ages 4+

    Volume 2 of the Monica-Claire series

    8.5 in x 8.5 in

    32 pages | Colour
    ISBN 978-1-989282-13-7

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