200 years of Church history in Western Canada


Mission Rivière-Rouge: L’histoire d’un peuple et de son Église is a graphic novel that relates remarkable historic events concerning the Catholic Church in Western Canada.

This story is tightly interwoven, like a voyageur’s sash, with signifi cant events in the history of Western Canada, thanks to the Church’s involvement since 1818 in the social, political and cultural aspects of a nascent society.

In this book, Manitoba’s history comes alive: the fur trade, the voyageurs, the bison hunt on the Prairies, the Battle of Seven Oaks, the Battle of Grand Coteau, the saga of the Métis and First Nations, the founding of the Province of Manitoba, the story of Louis Riel.

This fascinating historical chronicle is related in a series of true anecdotes, captured through the lens of the ninth art, illustrating the colourful history of Western Canada during the eras of bishops Provencher and Taché, the first apostles of the Catholic Church in the West, whose contributions have significantly impacted Canada’s present environment.

Mission Rivière-Rouge: L’histoire d’un peuple et de son Église

  • Text et illustrations : Robert Freynet

  • Graphic novel, ages 10+


    8.27 in x 11.7 in

    38 pages | Colour

    ISBN 978-1-988182-81-0