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Manitoba—Land of the Unexpected is the culmination of author and photographer Mike Grandmaison’s years of exploration across his beloved “Keystone Province.” Come discover Manitoba’s untameable wilderness and myriad landscapes, from its prehistoric bedrock and imposing lakes to its endless tundra and vast prairies, in this elegant and enriching photobook. Espousing Grandmaison’s indefatigable attention, technical prowess, and keen artistic eye, Manitoba—Land of the Unexpected is sure to satisfy the most curious of minds regarding what may indeed be Canada’s best-kept secret.

Manitoba—Land of the Unexpected

SKU: 0008
  • Text and photographs by Mike Grandmaison

    Foreword by the honorable Maria Chaput

  • Hardcover
    8.5 in X 11 in
    121 pages | Colour
    ISBN 978-1-9881820-0-1

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