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A millennia-old gathering place. A wild country freckled with lush forests and shimmering waters. A glimpse of the pristine Great White North.

Located at the tripoint of Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, Lake of the Woods is all of these things and much more. Here, as in the days of yore, discovery lies in wait at every turn—be it amid its centenary trees, in its secluded coves, on its golden beaches, or on the lively waterfronts of its charming communities.
Now, you too can discover the spellbinding sights and scenes of Lake of the Woods, in this labour of love by photographer Mike Grandmaison and author Elizabeth Campbell. Lake of the Woods— Gem of the Canadian Shield is their ode to a place that has captured the hearts of many, as it will, through these pages, no doubt capture yours.

Lake of the Woods—Gem of the Canadian Shield

  • Photographs by Mike GrandMaison

    Text by Elizabeth Campbell

  • Hardcover

    11 in X 8.5 in 

    128 pages | Colour 

    ISBN 978-1-774610-05-3

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